UEFA Super Cup

The UEFA Super Cup is an annual event which pits the winners of the Champions League against the winners of the UEFA Cup. As such the UEFA Super Cup is the official championship between Europe’s top domestic cup winner and top domestic league winner.

The UEFA Super Cup is played at the start of the domestic season, and because the game follows the summer transfer window, the teams contesting the cup can sometimes be quite different from the teams that claimed the European trophies.

UEFA Super Cup History

The UEFA Cup was the brainchild of Dutch sports paper editor Anton Witkamp. Witkamp proposed a contest between the winners of the European Cup Winners Cup and the European Cup in 1972 in the hopes of providing indisputable proof that his favourite Champions League winning club, Ajax Amsterdam, was the finest in Europe.

Despite not being endorsed by UEFA, the first UEFA Super Cup went ahead in 1972 when European Cup winners Ajax played Cup Winners Rangers. The fixture was played over two legs, providing Witkamp with the desired result in the form of a 6-1 aggregate Ajax win.

The following year saw UEFA endorse the competition, and for the next two decades the UEFA Super Cup was contested over two legs by the two European champions. The initial UEFA Super Cup was not a cup at all, but a gold plaque. Over the years the ‘Cup’ was succeeded by three trophies, each bigger and more impressive than the previous one as the prestige of the event increased.

In 1998 the two-legged format of the UEFA Super Cup was abandoned in favour of a single game. The game is played in the Monaco stadium in France, and since the Cup Winner’s Cup was discontinued in 1999, the game has been contested by the UEFA Cup champions instead.

UEFA Super Cup Betting and Winners

Italian club AC Milan is the most successful club in UEFA Super Cup history with five titles. Interestingly, UEFA Cup winners are highly competitive in the UEFA Super Cup and have beaten their Champions League winning rivals in four of the eight games played since the UEFA Cup replaced the Cup Winners Cup in 1999.

The UEFA Super Cup also provides some great betting opportunities.