Thierry Henry

The Early Years

Thierry Henry learnt his soccer skills in the back streets and alleys of the Parisian suburbs, and played in several local youth teams during his teenage years – this despite not being a keen football fan.
Talent scouts from French club AS Monaco spotted Henry when he was 13 and moved quickly to recruit him into their football academy. Henry spent four years playing in the youth leagues for Monaco before being handed his professional debut in 1994, aged just 17.

Professional Career

Henry played for Monaco for four years and put in solid performances that saw him amass an unremarkable total of 28 goals over four seasons in all competition. Despite not playing to his true potential, Henry was signed by Italian side Juventus where he endured another quiet season on the wing.
Henry’s break came in 1999 when he moved to English club Arsenal to reunite with his former Monaco coach Arsene Wenger. With Wenger as his mentor, Henry came into his own and began displaying the prolific goal scoring ability and flair that has made him famous, scoring 26 goals in his first season despite failing to score in his first eight games.

UEFA Champions League Football Legend

Despite helping Arsenal win a host of domestic titles in his time with the club, Thierry Henry has never won the UEFA Champions League. This has not been for lack of effort, as the Frenchman has scored consistently for Arsenal at the top level and was a key factor in the club reaching the 2006 UEFA Champions League final.
The UEFA Champions League football legend’s inability to go the distance with Arsenal in the competition has been singled out as one of the factors that motivated Henry’s recent departure to Spanish club Barcelona. Henry believes that freedom from the captaincy will allow him to concentrate on putting away the goals that could earn Barcelona their 3rd UEFA Champions League football title.

Playing Style

Thierry Henry is recognised as one of the finest strikers in world football, despite spending his youth training to play on the wing. Playing for Arsenal he often played as a lone striker, and earned a reputation for conjuring up spectacular goals. The Champions League legend is also recognised for his superiority and deftness of touch in one-on-one attacking situations.