Champions League Legends

With the highest average match attendances and huge broadcasting rights deals, European football has the financial resources to bring the most talented football players in the world together to play in the various European domestic leagues.

It is interesting to note that despite the influx of world class footballers from around the world into Europe over the last decade, not one non-European footballer has yet managed to make an impression on the all-time goal scorer lists. Instead, the record books are packed with some of European football’s most famous names.

World Class Strikers

In our UEFA Champions League football legends pages you will find profiles of some of the most brilliant footballers to have played in the UEFA Champions League over the last decade. Without exception, all of these players play a central role in their teams’ attack and were selected on the basis of their ability to score goals at the top level.

The UEFA Champions League’s top goal scorers including Rául, Ruud van Nistelrooy and Andriy Schevchenko have all played crucial roles in propelling their clubs to Champions League titles. With the large number of games played in Europe every year it is unsurprising that a new generation of footballers have eclipsed the achievements of all time greats such as Latin heroes Eusébio and Alfredo di Stefano.

Flair and Flamboyance

Although all the UEFA Champions League football legends profiled on this site are ranked in the top ten goal scorers in the history of the competition, a few have been selected based on style of play rather than a top five goal scorer ranking. While some players favour a clinical approach to playing the beautiful game, others see their football as a performance art.

Frenchman Thierry Henry and Italian legend Fillipo Inzaghi are two players who merit mention on the basis of their creativity, spectacular goals and flamboyance. Both players are not above sparking controversy, and both Inzaghi and Henry are as likely to endear themselves to their adoring fans as to spark bitter controversy amongst their detractors.

Although success on attack is arguably the best measure of these players’ worth, the price put on their talents in the transfer markets provides another indication of their value to any club. Cumulatively these UEFA Champions League football legends are worth over €150 million, with their buyout fees topping the staggering €400 million mark.

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